Wednesday 13 January 2016


When it comes to companies trying to market themselves in this world of endless products. They are not leaving any stone unturned to do it and get seen in one way or another. Be it in the form of expensive hoardings, million dollar advertisements, making a famous personality to endorse them or some low budget tricks like fliers, posters, freebies and god knows what. 

They are using each and every media and medium to get heard and noticed by their prospective customers. In order to generate a interest in their mind about the product that these companies are trying to sell.

But do all these methods have a suitable return on investment ratio to support the decision of spending millions on their usage. Can a famous actor bring enough crowd to cover up the cost of having him appointed a brand ambassador? Will everyone notice those neon hoardings and glitzy advertisements that are being flashed on each and every channel you visit? Are people willing to try those t-shirts you gave away as freebies just to make them endorse your product in the form of live models?

Well maybe they all might work in one way or the other to get your product the required hype in the market. But most of them are sure to leave you income statement in a depressing state. With high expenditure and low profits. 

So how can a company ensure a deep penetration of the product knowledge and that too without having to spend millions? Well you can try using some inexpensive yet highly effective advertisement options. Some popular options being Custom calendar printing and Engraved flashlights. Both these are items to be distributed as freebies to the employees and customers. For them to use and help in advertisement of company’s product. Though they might seem ineffective but they can surely make a ripple in that market of prospective customers. 

Consider giving out a customized calendar or an company logo engraved flashlight to an employee or a customer. When he displays the calendar at his house, with every passing month the company logo is going to be displayed on a fresh scene and guaranteed to begin conversations and if something is talked about then it is surely something that people would like to buy. Or in the case of Engravedflashlights, when a customer uses it in need he is sure to feel indebted to your company for giving him this useful item. And that indebtedness is going to convert into praises for your company and in turn would increase customer inflow leading to profits in long run.

Now you might think as to where can one get them? Well some of the popular websites providing Custom calendar printing and engraved flashlights are custom printing,, and

Just visit one of these sites, give your company logo and name and get it printed on calendar and flashlights to be used for your products’ promotion.

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